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School Health Education Empowerment Scheme (S.H.E.E.T.) is an initiative of SMILE With Me Foundation to empower students and children of school age through improving health literacy. We aim to inspire a healthier Africa, one student at a time.

S.M.I.L.E. With Me Volunteers at Junior Model College, Ikorodu

 The World Health Organization promotes school health programs as a strategic means to prevent important health risks among children and adolescents to engage the education sector in efforts to change the behaviour that impact health. There is a gap in the flow of information concerning health in Nigeria and one of the major ways to combat this is to begin at a young age to disseminate information.

One of the ways we intend to do this is by maximizing S.H.E.E.T. to ensure the provision of health education and promotion as well as the provision of health aids to students and schools.

We also include teachers and caregivers in these schools by carrying out screening for non-communicable diseases via blood pressure and random blood checks. We also give them proper education on the right in-school health practices, first aid techniques as well as the availability of a well-equipped school clinic.

Dr. Mariam Toye running blood pressure checks on teachers.

As the S.H.E.E.T. tour progresses, we intend to vaccinate and carry out further health screenings for the students with the consent of their parents and other relevant authority. This project is comprehensive, intended to cut across major aspects of health care.

SMILE With Me Foundation’s S.H.E.E.T. tour kicked off in Lagos on June 13, 2019, at Government Junior Model College, Ikorodu. Our volunteers, along with our founder, Dr Chioma Nwakanma were received by the principal and members of staff of the school and the program commenced at 12 noon with health education.

Cross-section of students of Government Junior Model College, Ikorodu

There were various classes for the students highlighting different health issues. A live-action class providing students with practical ways to administer first aid was carried out by Mr Lola of AID services.

Hand washing lessons with Nurse Aramiposi

A session on the vaccination, citing its importance, was led by Dr Chioma Nwakanma. Nurse Aramiposi taught tthe students handwashing techniques.

Mr. Lola giving a practical lesson on first aid.

Abeke Lawal led a session on mental health, teaching the students about feelings and emotions in relation to their health while drug abuse was dissected by Pharm. Dotun Adegbite.

Menstrual hygiene was also discussed by Dr Chisom Nweke while a practical class on dental hygiene was taken on by Dr Henrietta. S.M.I.L.E with Me Foundation gave dental aids (toothbrushes and toothpaste) to the students.

Dr Collins Akanno and Funbi Oyewole of Diet234, a top clinical nutrition company in Nigeria taught the students the importance of a nutritional diet.

Dr. Henrietta giving lessons on dental hygiene

All sessions in S.H.E.E.T. were highly interactive, as a total of 900 students were involved in discussions and asked questions too. The most interactive students were given prizes, refreshment was distributed and a first aid kit donated to the school to assist with first aid provision for the students.

The S.M.I.L.E. With Me Team

The next school impacted in Lagos was Morit International School, Ajegunle. Situated in one of the most populous rural areas in Lagos, this primary school is known for accepting plastic in lieu of school fees. This is an ingenious way of providing affordable education as well as cleaning and sustaining our environment. S.H.E.E.T at Morit International School took place on June 20, 2019.

Students of Morit International School

The SMILE With Me Foundation team was given a warm reception by the members of staff and the programme kicked off at 11 a.m. with an in-depth class on hand washing techniques by Dr Mariam Toye.

Dr Chisom Nweke interacting with the students while taking her session on child abuse

Dr Ifeanyi Urakpa took a class on first aid with the students. A practical session on basic dental hygiene was handled by Dr Henrietta. A mental health class was carried out by Abeke Lawal while Dr Chisom Nweke led a session on child abuse.

Dr. Chioma Nwakanma, Founder, S.M.I.L.E. With Me Foundation and students of Morit International School

In commemoration of World Sickle Cell Day, which was on the same day, the pupils were enlightened about the condition as well as a catchy, creative song highlighting genotype.

After sessions were done, with over 200 pupils in attendance, the teachers were given free blood pressure checks and the most interactive pupils were rewarded with prizes.

Dr. Mariam Toye running blood pressure checks on the teachers.

SMILE With Me Foundation donated cartons of antibacterial soap and a first aid box to equip them to maintain hygiene and deal with simple emergencies.

The S.H.E.E.T tour by S.M.I.L.E. With Me Foundation has also kicked off in Abia state and we intend to take this all over the country, one school at a time. Our goal is to work with schools to create a health-conscious and foster a well-informed generation.

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